Olive Garden Pasta Pass Experience


Welcome to a Special Entry on our Blog Page.  I recently purchased a Pasta Pass provided by Olive Garden last September 2017.  This Pass will give me Eight Weeks of Never Ending Pasta Bowls with Hundreds of Combinations Pasta, Sauces and Toppings.

The Pass will be valid from September 25 – November 19, 2017.  Getting this pass gave me full of excitement because Olive Garden is all over United States.  I have only eaten at the restaurant just a few number of times.  This will be an experience for sure I will never forget.  I will highlight as much of my experience here with images of food, drinks, awesome staff and great moments.


Above is what I received from the mail.  A nice brag box with the card on top.  Christmas was early for me this year.  I’m so excited to use this pasta pass that me and my wife couldn’t wait to get dressed and away we go… Winning…!!!


My wife Checking out all the Pastabilities that we could have having the Pasta Pass.  The Never Ending Pasta Bowl is only here for a Limited Time.  This Promotion by Olive Garden came at a Perfect time for us.  We are both Training for the 10 Mile Surf City Run in Huntington Beach and the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon during the last week of the Never Ending Pasta promotion.  Perfect Timing…!!!  High Fives…!!!

Simple full serving of Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.  Gotta go simple sometimes and this is the way to do it.

Rigatoni, Meat Sauce and Crispy Shrimp Fritta to start.  Aren’t you hungry already?

Hmmmm… Looks like a Re-fill here.  The re-fills is the best thing ever when it comes to the Never Ending Pasta Bowls.  Here i’m trying the new Creamy Mushroom Sauce with Grilled Chicken.  Very delicious and I want more Sauce…!!!

Here is a Gluten Free Rotini Pasta with Five Cheese Marinara sauce.  Two properly sized Italian Sausages together on top.  This is a Re-fill, OH GEEZ…!!!

Below is Cavatappi with Creamy Mushroom sauce.  Added Crispy Shrimp Fritta which my wifey loved dearly.  Can we have some more…!!!

WOW….!!!  What a First Set of Pasta’s Ordered.  I felt so guilty and bad ordering so much pasta.  We ran 5 miles before having our first set of Pasta Meals today.  This treat can’t have come to a better time since we were training for 2 Long runs in October and November.

Above is my wife that LOVES Olive Garden Salad.  Its never ending Salad all the time at Olive Garden.  The Italian Dressing that they have in their salad is always tasting good and fresh.

Here is another Photo of Olive Garden’s most famous delicious Italian Salad.  I love mines with a little cheese on top and spreading a little bit of pepper to taste.  My wife loves their salad so much that we get to even bring some more to go.  Now that is another reason we are Winning.

Above is One of my All Star Servers at the Rancho Cucamonga Olive Garden Branch, Amanda.  Amanda called me her Favorite Customer.  Ofcourse, after several times serving me during this promotion she is an absolute Joy.  She makes me and my son feel family once we are at the restaurant.  Made sure my wine is tasting fine.  My food is always out on time despite being super busy.  She is all over the place serving at the tables and at the bar as well.  Overall, she makes Olive Garden an awesome place to relax and eat.

  I started taking photos of my favorite servers during the Third Day with the Pasta Pass beginning with Amanda.  I wish I could have taken photos of the first two.  However, I haven’t seen them since.  Regardless, I started a trend of selfieswith my servers.  This turned out making me the Favorite Customer of this particular branch.  I enjoyed all the Food, Drinks and Wine Tasting with Amazing service.

Tip One:  Don’t you know we could have up to THREE Wine Tasting for every Visit at the Restaurant???  Now I do, thank you Olive Garden.

Tip Two:  Each time we are waiting for a table, we can order any Wine or Beer for Half of the Price.  Just like me and my cousin enjoying a glass of wine while patiently waiting for our table.  Winning…!!!


Above is Donna, one of our All Star Servers at the Rancho Cucamonga Olive Garden.  Here my son Jayden joined us for a brunch.  She mainly works at the Bar and frequently visits me and my son each time we are around.  Donna throughout my time at Olive Garden made me feel Family.  I see her always busy at the bar but she never fails to make sure we are well taken cared all the time.  Thank you so much Donna, now my son Jayden calls you Auntie… 😀

This is my first selfie with Donna at my favorite Olive Garden branch.  Once you are a Regular at Olive Garden the people around will treat us like family.  Saluti …!!!


Not only that I got a Pass, my cousin Eric and my Best friend Matthew Callueng also got passes as well.  Check them out Below.

TWP Photographers enjoying Never Ending Pasta throughout 8 weeks.  How Sweet is that?  Pretty Sweet.  Success…!!!

Pictured above is Master Fuji aka Matthew Callueng showing off one of the first Olive Garden adventures before we shoot a wedding.  Being so full of pasta before a wedding making us fully carbo loaded throughout the day.  We didn’t even need any snacks or drinks while shooting a wedding.  Having full of pasta kept us full and happy all day long.  We were fortunate enough to have two weddings in a row that didn’t start till around 2pm giving us the chance to enjoy never ending pasta before work.  We are Totally WINNING….!!!  All we do is Win Win Win…!!! hehehehe

Our Wedding Venues today were not so far from the City of Industry, California Olive Garden branch.  We were the first customers of the day and this is how we breakfast for two straight weekends before weddings.  Winning…!!!

A Delightful Five-Cheese Marinara covering several Grilled Chickens over Spaghetti.

One of my Go-to Dishes a Cavatappi Pasta.  Filled with Creamy Mushroom Sauce and Crispy Chicken Fritta.

Above is a bowl of Zupa Toscana, one of my favorite soups.  I couldn’t only just have one, I can have two or three or four… Winning…!!!

One of the most surprising surprise at Olive Garden is how good their coffee tastes.  I was mind blown.  It felt weird ordering coffee but i’m hooked…!!!  I only used very little cream and no need for sugar.  That’s how I like my coffee and Olive Garden coffee kept me happy.

One of my favorite tricks was turning my water and coffee and combining them both onto an Ice Coffee as my dessert.  I experimented and it turned out simply amazing.  Imagine you can have Hot and Iced Coffee at the Same Time??? Winning…!!!

Above is a Minestrone soup covered with Cheese.  Its always better with cheese.

Chicken Gnocchi Soup is also a Favorite.  I can eat 2 of these a feel fine… Winning…!!!

Above is Paul mind blown of all the unlimited refills we were having during our Never Ending Pasta Bowl meals.  We go for four refills and simply made us delightfully pumped throughout the day.  As you can see, we can’t stop eating pasta.

Have you Ever eaten at Olive Garden after work??? Who Eats at Olive Garden after work??? Well, eating at an Olive Garden after a long day of shooting weddings are sweet rewards.  Even more special that now we have a Pasta Pass.  We have Peace of Mind knowing that all of our stress will go away.  This is all because Olive Garden will have people that will make us feel at home and Pasta that will satisfy our Souls.  Amen…!!!

Here is one of our favorites Cheves (Manhattan Beach Olive Garden Branch) after shooting a wedding.  Giving us the VIP treatment.

Rogie (West Hills California, Olive Garden Branch) thanks for the great service after another wedding.

Kevin above (City of Industry California, Olive Garden) works the night shift and is one of our All Star favorite servers.  This is another photo of us enjoying Never Ending Pasta Bowls after shooting a wedding.  I’m so glad Olive Garden is open until 11pm or else we wouldn’t be able to stop by and eat.

Kevin taking our photo after shooting a Long wedding.  Man we are totally Winning…!!! Pasta Pass Baby…!!!

You can have a Double meat combination of Grilled Chicken and Sausage covered with Garlic Asiago Alfredo.  Just check out the perfectly covered Rigatoni here on this pasta dish…Winning…!!!

The Meat combination above is Crispy Chicken Fritta and Double Sausage.  Linguini Pasta with Garlic Asiago Alfredo Sauce.

DRINKS we had Below – Now thats WoW…!!!

Olive Garden has a selection of Draft beers that we can drink all day long.  They have the Sam Adam’s Winter Lager and Blue Moon beers that I would regularly have.  They also have other other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Fresh Frozen Margarita and the Wifey and I loved it.

On the front is Green Apple Moscato and Strawberry Passion Fruit Limonata.  These are just amazing and delicious drinks.

Blue Moon on Draft… Oh Me Oh My…!!!

More Frozen Margaritas… they are FLYING OFF THE SHELVES here Guys…!!!

Above is a Merlot H3 Columbia Crest with my son looking around. Don’t you know if you wait for a table, the Wine is Half Price at the Bar – WINNING…!!!

Above is a Rare combination that you can do with your Pasta.  You can simply add Grilled Steak Medallions on your Pasta for an additional fee.  If you ask me, it was totally worth it.

Above is a Rare combination of Linguini and Cavatappi covered one side with Meat Sauce and Creamy Mushroom Sauce.  Then a side of Herb Grilled Salmon surrounded by Crispy Shrimp Fritta.  According to the servers nobody has ever ordered such a Dish ever at the restaurant.

Another look of the Salmon and Shrimp Pasta combination that I have placed together.  Simply one of the very best pasta dishes we could ever eat.  A little bit of cheese on top with the Creamy Sauces.  Sure to bring the Italian Eating Monster out of all of us… Winning…!!!

The Olive Garden Staff below is what Makes me feel like Family each and Everytime.

Above are Ashley and others that are All-Star Greeters that always helps me get the Seats whenever I arrive.  They are always smiling and sweet making you truly feeling at home.

PLEASE ENJOY the Rest of the Amazing All Star Servers below that Have made my Never Ending Pasta Pass so Awesome.

Nicole (Rancho Cucamonga) one of my favorite All Star Server.  I met her at the bar during the second week of the pass.  I since then had the pleasure of having her a few more times serve me.  She stopped by my table even when she is not serving my table just to say hi.  I noticed too that she helps train new members of the Olive Garden team.  She is great at her work and loved to be her customer.  Olive Garden give Nicole a Raise…!!!

Spaghetti with Meat sauce topped with Crispy Chicken Fritta.

All Star Server Charles (Rancho Cucamonga) I met after one of my long distrance run afternoons.  This man has a smile that every hungry person will melt to.  He was quick and precise.  My drinks are always filled.  Even offered me wine tasting for the win.  I’m glad Charles is here plus we are both the Vin Diesel look alikes… how you like that guys??? lol

A Robust look full of Cavatappi Pasta, covered with Creamy Garlic Asiago Sauce.  Topped with Two Italian Sausages for the Win.  If this won’t make you full, I don’t know what you need to eat.

Jordan (Rancho Cucamonga), always smiling and giggly.  She is a very friendly server and always have done a wonderful job.  She tends to put too much cheese on my food but its all good, if she likes it that way – I like it that way 😀

A Playful combination of Spaghetti and Cavatappi.  Smothered with Meatsauce and 5 Cheese Marinara.  Plus Two awesome Meatballs and an Italian Sausage to completely remove our hunger.

Christian (Rancho Cucamonga) is one of the Nicest servers in the restaurant.  He has a very quiet and easy manner making you feeling relaxed.  After having me served twice he is always awesome to talk to.  He is another All-Star server.  Great job Olive Garden getting this guy.

Combination of Cavatappi and Linguini. Covered with Meat Sauce and Creamy Mushroom.  Plus Crispy Chicken Fritta. Yummy in da Tummy…!!!

All Star Server Monica (Rancho Cucamonga) was so excited when she saw me walked in.  She told me that I’m the famous guy taking selfies with all the staff.  She was so glad to finally have me as her customer.  As you can see with our selfie we are both totally Winning. YeY…!!!

Rigatoni filled with Five Cheese Marinara on one side and Meat Sauce on the other.  Believe me people, this is eating Light…!!!

All Star Server Erin (Rancho Cucamonga) is one fit and superb server.  Always my order is right on the money and seemed to be aware of everything I need before I need anything.  Its like she is reading my mind like Dr. Strange.  She has everything ready for me right before I would ask for something. She is Great and she is Wow!!!

All Star Server Damian (Rancho Cucamonga) is one cool dude.  Another one of the servers at the restaurant that couldn’t wait to get a selfie with me.  I’m so glad that he was my server once at lunch and I know we will have him again.  Damian, you are the bomb.com 😀

A Closer look of Linguini Smothered Seductively with Meat Sauce.  Added some Grilled Chicken so that we can feel satisfied.

All Star Server Nick (Rancho Cucamonga) is new to the team here at Rancho Cucamonga.  He is friendly and a very good server.  Despite not being sure of some of the combinations that I was putting together he got them all right.  I also observed him to be speedy and making sure that my water is always filled up.  Now thats what I call service … Winning…!!!

Cavatappi is my favorite topped with Chicken Fritta.  A mix of Meat Sauce and Creamy Garlic Asiago should make us Jiggle with Glee …. 😀

All Star Server Breylene is a Delight.  She is charming and pleasant.  Made us feel family right on the first time she was our server.  She would also pass by my table to see how we are doing even at times she is not our server.  She does a great job, boom…!!!

A Marvelous looking Linguini Pasta covered with Five-Cheese Marinara sauce. Two Magnificent Sausages should do the Trick.

All Star Server and Bar tender my primo Manuel (Rancho Cucamonga) is energetic and strong.  He is a strong server getting my food and drinks fast.  We shared a few laughs and giggles making some of my visits unforgettable.  During the last days of the pasta pass I’m glad to have him serve me at the bar.  Primo…!!!

My brother Matt enjoying dinner with me and his Nephew Jayden.

Pasta Linguini with Five-Cheese Marinara Sauce.  Topped with Crispy Shrimp Fritta.

All Star Server Sandra (Rancho Cucamonga) is one Fiery and Energetic Bar Tender and Server.  Even during the early lunch time we had some amazing laughs.  Look at us at the photo below, looks like we are sharing my pasta together.  Now that’s Fun 😀

All Star Server Angel (Rancho Cucamonga) is as Sweet and Simple as you can have with a server.  Around me she makes her job look effortless.  She always have a smile in her face and makes sure my orders are right on the money.  We shared a few stories one afternoon, talked about training during my long runs and marathon.  Overall, she is one heck of a server.  Olive Garden, give this lady a Raise.  Great Server from Olive Garden.

Slow Braised Beef with Fettuccine tossed on Basil Sauce.  My wife got a different order and its still another different type of pasta we can enjoy.  The braised beef perfectly cooked and tender.

Had the Pleasure to have All Star Server Paola (Montclair, California Branch).  She was impressive serving our party of 8 with my cousins and kids.  It was a very busy Wednesday evening yet our food all came fast out of the kitchen.  We all enjoyed our meal and company.

Paola took our family photo enjoying all our Pasta on a random Wednesday night.  We even sang Happy Birthday at all of the other guests celebrating birthdays.  It was a lovely night of dinner at Olive Garden Montclair, California.


Today is the Last Day of the Pasta Pass.

8 Weeks of Delicious Never Ending Pasta Bowls has been Ahhhhhmazing…!!!

In some ways we didn’t want it to end but we are looking forward to what Olive Garden can probably come up with for next year.  Below is how our last day looked as we eat our humble pastas goodbye.

Michael our friendly greeter was nice and brought us to our signature table.

Our Very Last server is the ever helpful and super speedy Alexa.  She loves Pokemon Go and we found another Best Friend.  We couldn’t find a better way to end our Pasta Pass with such a caring and wonderful server.  All she did was make sure we get all the pastas and drinks that we all can eat.  We are Happy and we so sure to wait for next year’s pass.  She is the bomb.com…!!!

Matt above enjoying his Soup and Latte.

Above is a Caramel Apple Butter Latte.  Wow. Just Wow…!!!  The richness and smoothness of this Latte will sure make every coffee and latte fan jump for joy.  Its perfect to drink before or after your meal as dessert.  It came to us perfectly warm.  Much better than just ordering a hot chocolate.  For sure I will have this Latte the next time I come back for more Olive Garden in the Future.  Oooohhhhweee…!!!

Mahalo for my Caramel Apple Butter Latte my Friends 😀

My Last Set of Pasta … Cavatappi and Rigatoni.  Smothered with Half 5 Cheese Marinara and Mushroom Sauces.  Plus Chicken Fritta.

We can’t Stop enjoying having Family Meals at Olive Garden.

Above are my Silly Guys being Silly…!!!


All I can say during these past Eight weeks is WoW.  I have never ever eaten so much pasta in my life.  Fortunately, I gained only 3 lbs.  I was afraid during this pasta pass that I’m going to gain a lot of weight since I got injured during my long runs in the early weeks of october.

Now that the Pasta Pass is Over, I truly believe Olive Garden is one Awesome Restaurant chain.  As I get to meet the staff throughout the pass is in effect I felt a sense that I’m family.  I know at times the restaurant is busy yet I’m able to peacefully enjoy my meals each and every day.  Best time to go is during the early lunch time or late lunch.  Awesome to also have late dinners as the restaurant seems to slow down.  To be honest the servers were never always perfect but, each and every time we communicate what I need, they will always get it right.

All Eight weeks was absolutely incredible.  Because of this experience I will continue to always visit my local Olive Garden.  I may not be able to visit everyday just like when I had the pass.  But the new friends that made me feel family at Olive Garden will always make me drop by time and time again.  I want to thank Olive Garden for literally giving this Never Ending Pasta Pass to us.  Until next year, we can’t wait for another 8 weeks for Never Ending Pasta Bowls.  Aloha and Mahalo Olive Garden.

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