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  • Aloha Nui Loa…!!! Welcome to TWP …!!!

    A Triversity Wedding Photography is Beautiful - Romantic - Memorable

    My name is Allan Jay Garcia - Lead Wedding Photographer of our Ohana.

    Our Wedding Photography combines Modern and Natural Styles. We have a Branded Look which is Unique compared to other wedding photography.

    Aloha Couples prefers Romance driven photographs with Distinct Cinematic Trend.

    We only Have Real Weddings and Real Engagements. You will Discover Real Quality of Our Brand of Wedding Photography.

    Your Experience will be Engaging - Fun - Relaxing

    Simply, if you want to have the Same Quality Wedding and Engagement Photographs like all our Aloha Couples here at TWP then Join us.

    Triversity Weddings 2017 Schedule: (Please coordinate with Allan Jay for your engagement session if you haven't already... MAHALO NUI LOA...!!!


    Season 25

    January 7... Wedding, Walnut, CA
    January 14... Wedding, San Diego, CA
    January 29... Family Shoot, Fullerton, CA

    February 17-18... Special Event

    March 4... Wedding, San Diego, CA
    March 11... Wedding, La Verne, CA
    March 17-19... Special Event
    March 22-31... Travel to Iceland - VLOG Project

    April 8... Wedding, Walnut, CA
    April 14... Wedding, Anaheim, CA
    April 22... Engagement, Los Angeles, CA
    April 28-30... HOLD

    May 6... Engagement, TBD
    May 14... Special Event
    May 17-27... Special Event-No Availability

    June 2-4 Travel to Ragged Point, CA
    June 3... Wedding, Ragged Point, CA
    June 30... Wedding, Huntington Beach, CA

    July 7... Wedding, Palos Verdes, CA
    July 8... Wedding, Rowland Heights, CA
    July 11... Family Shoot, Placentia, CA
    July 21... Wedding, Santa Ana, CA
    July 28-30 Special Event

    August 26... Wedding, San Diego, CA

    September 29... Wedding, Los Angeles, CA
    September 30... Wedding, Pomona, CA

    October 7... Wedding, Los Angeles, CA

    November 10... Wedding, Granada Hills, CA
    November 11-12... Special Event-No Availability

    Season 26

    September 8... Wedding, TBD

    * Engagements may be Re-Scheduled in Favor of Weddings. So even if your wedding falls on an engagement, please contact us if you are in Favor to Choose TWP as your Wedding Photographers. Mahalo...!!!